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Monday, May 3, 2010


Scoot, Bob and me left Lafayette and the Quaid B & B around 7:30 after coffee and great pastries. It was a great weekend with old friends.  Jet cooked Indonesian food and we ate boudin and crayfish, saw some of their local flora and fauna and cleaned the road mud off.  Not to mention the tequila. As I was leaving, Ed said this was the first time he had paid someone to get out of town much less the out of state.  Don't know if that is good or bad.

After getting away from Lafayette, the area became mostly rice fields and crayfish.  They grow in the rice field.  Traveling LA-736 was a nice ride.  I passed a turtle in the road and made a U turn to go back and help it out of the road.  Some one me beat to it.  If I had not gone back to help, my wife Vicki, would have put a bad JU JU on me.  I passed a great frog mural in one small town.  This is a good omen as the logo on our boat was a frog sitting on a fingernail moon, just like in the picture. I stopped in Merryville at Stu's for lunch.  I was pretty sure their hamburger meat was fresh.

At 11:58 I crossed into Texas, just two minutes before the dead line that Ed gave me;"be out of my state by high noon".  Thanks for the miles guys. Somewhere along here we crossed another milestone...1000 miles from home.

Texas roads can be a little intimidating since the speed limit is 70 mph almost everywhere except school zones where it is 90 mph I think.  Once you get comfortable with the local custom of pulling over on the wide shoulder to let people pass it is much more comfortable.  The roads are pretty good, except a stretch where they , for some mysterious reason,  grooved a section of the lane that made it a little rough to ride.

Called it a day in Huntsville.  I lucked up and got what was probably the last room in town.  There is a state wide track and field meet here this week.  Needless to say I had to pay full price for the room.


Escuela Bilingue los Algrarrobos started in April with 54 students. 29 students are on scholarship. Each month the tuition is $30. There is a $50 charge covering other expenses such as books, uniforms, registration, etc. making the annual total cost $350. Four students do not have sponsors yet. The next 350 miles will be to raise money for the first student, Lilian Ibeth Farias Intriago. Please help us keep her in school.