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Saturday, May 1, 2010


Scoot, Bob and I hopped out of Homma around 6:30am under threatening skies, again.  We did a quick tour of the area that wound up beginning a little longer than planned, but a fine policeman got us headed in the right direction again.

One of the things you have to watch out for on long bike trips is getting bored and not paying attention.  On US-190 to Baton Rouge, that is not a problem.  This road is so rough I just hope nothing falls off Scoot or my teeth don't break from the banging we are taking on this road.  It is an old concert road capped with asphalt and the joints are killers.  It is a long straight road, with light traffic today. There were very few exciting things except the Bull Bash and FEMA trailer storage.
Baton Rouge's "Scenic Hwy" was not, unless the big Exxon Refinery is "scenic" because of all the revenue it brings in. We did find a "Gucci" coffee in Dehnam Springs, "founded in 1902". The town not the coffee.

We checked off one of the milestones today when we crossed "the big muddy", the Mississippi River.  Getting a picture of it required trespassing, but we did not care.

On the west side of the river everything changed.  The road was smooth and the scenery turned into open farm land.  Much more enjoyable for me.

We left 190 and joined LA-741.  This is more my type of ride.  Farm land and flowers.  741 led us into LA-31 which follows Bayou Teche (the Indian word for snake). I wanted to stop and take a picture along the bayou but the long forecast rain came in buckets.  I found refuge in a farmers shed with a kind observer.  I tried to get him to come over for a visit but he said he was not moving.

Back on the highway with light rain, we headed for Lafayette and the home of my good friends Ed and Jet.  Ed witnessed my only motorcycle accident many years ago in Germany.  A BMW hit me on a rolling country road.  The bike went flying and I hit the pavement so hard it cracked my helmet. A few bruises and aches, but that was it. Normally, being young and macho, I did not wear a helmet, but that day I did. Now I don't even like sitting on a bike without a helmet.

Escuela Bilingue los Algarrobos gets many volunteers.  Our major helper has been an organization out of California called Eco-surf Volunteers started by Sam Bailey.  He arranges trips during college breaks for students to come down and volunteer a half day and learn to surf a half day.  They do everything from maintenance and building a play ground to tutoring students.  They always leave a major donation such as computers or other items that the school needs. It's a wonderful experience for all. Check out their website here