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Friday, May 7, 2010


Scoot, Bob and me bounced out of Big Springs, Tx. just after dawn.  First we stopped at the truck stop.  Scoot visited with friends and I talked to Juan and the shift manager of Popeyes.  They were impressed with my gas mileage, especially since Juan had just put up the sign raising gas prices 5 cents.  After getting directions to TX-176, we hit the road.

Today was long straight roads with some farm fields and lots of oil well head pumps,  work over rigs and one windmill array.  I have not seen anyone working on a farm yet. Lots of people working in  the oil patch, though.

There are almost no signs or billboards out here, probably because there is no one to see them. I found the few that were  interesting.

I supported free enterprise in Andrews, Tx. at Rick's Coffeehouse with a "Gucci" coffee.  The girls were thrilled to see me come as the boss had left for the weekend.  They were both in charge now. A few people came in while I was there, but they took several phones orders for over 20 coffees while I was there and not a one of them was for "coffee".

Finally, we left Texas (thanks again Bob and Kathy).  I saw only one person on a horse in the long ride across Texas. There was no welcome sign to New Mexico - the only indication was that the roads got worse and there were signs that said "DO NOT DRIVE ON SHOULDER" as they had done in Texas.

I rolled into Artesia, NM about 1pm and called it an early day.  The Heritage Inn Bed and Breakfast on Main St. was expecting me.  Today had been a great travel day.  They weather was great, the scenery was interesting even if was the same most of the day, and I met a lot of friendly people.  And there ain't many people out here.
sue the inn keeper

Escuela Bilingue los Algarrobos has one student left with no sponsor, so we will be raising money for
                                                    Robert Elian Murillo Varela