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Sunday, May 16, 2010


Scoot, Bob and me were leaving Las Vegas at 8AM, but I had trouble separating Roger and Scoot. They had gone out running around yesterday and had really bonded. They finally said their goodbyes and I said goodbye to Lynelle and we were off. It had been a great 2 days visit with great friends.

We headed west towards Red Rock Canyon. Every time I looked in the mirror there was Roger following us. I pulled into the visitors center and he followed right behind us. I guess he and Scoot needed more riding time.

Actually, he had followed us so we could get in to the Red Rock Park for free and he gave us a great tour. I wish we had more time to go hiking in this area. He and Lynelle have climbed just about every rock in the place.

Said our goodbyes again and headed on down the road. After Puramph there was no development. It was a great ride. Around 11am we entered the Death Valley National Park. There had been no "Welcome to California" or "Goodbye Nevada" signs.We descended from 3000 feet to 243 feet below sea level. Scoot was loving this being back down low and we were roaring along.

We pulled up early, around 2pm at Stove Pipe Wells. Most of the hotels have closed for the season and since they are few and far between we had made a reservation here. If it was full and I had no reservation it would have been a long haul on the scooter to the next one. The hotel is owned by the park service and operated by a private contractor. I call the Motel 6-4=2. It is just as it was in the 1950's

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So far we have exceeded our goal to help the Escuela Bilingue los Algarrobos.  Donations are still coming in and it is such a great and wonderful thing.  We will soon report the total donations.  Ongoing support is the key to success of this project and we thank all of you who have supported us in the past.