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Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Scoot, Bob and I got out of Glenwood at 6:30.  I found Scoot over snuggled up with Mrs. Shmitt's 140mph Triumph motorcycle.  Never knew he was into fast women.

Jeff, the owner of Los Olmos Cabins had recommend Alma's Cafe just 5 miles down the road. I had no intention in stopping as the last thing I needed was more food.  But, it was so damn cold I pulled in to wait for the sun to get a little higher. It was a great little cafe.  The "table" was there with the regulars. Lori Fauct is the chef/owner. Robin is the waitress/cashier.  I lingered over breakfast listening to all the local goings on.  Lori's husband, setting at the "table", told me that there had been light ice on his sprinklers this morning.  It finally came time to move on.  Thank you all for a fun morning.

We crossed into Arizona and into the town of Alpine. The ride, though chilly had not been too bad. We had crossed two 9,000 foot passes with no problem and there was not much wind.  In Alpine I met a turkey hunter who was dressed like I wanted to be.There was also snow on the mountain.

We headed down the road and we came to a Y.  Though my planning had been to the left I decided to go right since both ended up where I wanted to be.  As we came out of the trees the wind really picked up.  We started  the slow climb up another mountain range.  The higher we went the more Scoot protested.  I stopped to try and figure out what the problem was, but Scoot could not even stand up because the wind was so strong. When I got to the snow line and Scoot was really protesting, we turned around and headed back down the mountain.  In Eagar we stopped and inquired about a mechanic.  They said there was no motorcycle/scooter bike per se, but in Springerville, just down the street, was TD Automotive Inc.

I pulled into TD Automotive and everyone had on Harley T-shirts.  I was afraid they would tell me to take my toy bike on down the road, but they welcomed Scoot with open arms and wheeled it into the garage and Cory got on it right away.  We looked for a fuel filter but could not find it right off, but he noticed oil in the air filter.  He said that at this altitude it could easily be the filter since the air is so thin at 7,000 feet.  He cleaned it and took it for a test ride.  Seemed to be better but in the winds I could not really tell.  I tried to pay Tim the owner, but he refused any money.  I tried to pay Cory and he refused any money.  So, they are participating in a food drive with the Harley riders in the area so I made donation to the fund. Tim, Cory and Larry are great guys!

Scoot worked great, but my mind did not. I took off for Show Low about 44 miles down the road.  That was not a good decision.  The boys at TD Automotive should have fixed my brain.  The further I went, the stronger the cross winds.  I was working hard to keep from getting blown off the road....seriously.  At the halfway point, I found a little store and went in to hide from the wind for a few minutes.  The girl there told me they had closed the  interstate just to the north because some tractor trailers had been blown over.  Winds were clocked at 77 mph.  I believed every mph of it.
I finally pulled in to Show Low and the first "Gucci" coffee shop.  The coffee was excellent and the conversation was challenging.  Dennis, a retired regular at the coffee bar, and I had some stimulating political conversations.  We had differing opinions, but we discussed them in what is an unusual manner today.  Usually each person is yelling their position, but we had a good give and take.

I left there and went to the Holiday Express hoping that tomorrow I will be smart enough to stay off the road if the winds are as high.  (It may snow)

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