3442 miles $6,170 in donations

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Tuesday, May 18, 2010


 This is the end of the west bound leg. 3442 miles of road behind us.

It has been a great ride for me, Bob and Scoot. We met wonderful people on our ride across America, even if some of them thought we were nuts doing it on a scooter. I loved every minute of it and we thank you for riding along with us from Florida to California.

We will let Bob go here.  He ran a great life and enjoyed it until the end. He will forever be in our memories.

We will lay around California for a few days before we decide what we will do next. Our desire is to ride back, but there may be a scheduling conflict. I am not anxious to cross all the mountain ranges again, but I will not use that as an excuse. We will work something out and post it here, if you wish to follow the adventure on the way back.

This started as mainly another spring scooter ride for me. Someone suggested trying to raise money for the James Dean Byrd Foundation and it's mission of supporting the Escuela Bilingue los Algarrobos in Canoa, Ecuador. It is a project that I have been involved in since it's inception in 2007.   I have watched it, and the children and families it helps, do a wonderful job. Everyone there, Jimmy, Moya, Christine, Victor and the whole school staff and volunteers have made a real difference in the world. I am glad I did. Thanks to you, the readers, we raised over $5,770 and donations are still coming. All of these monies will be delivered to the school in June. We will post the event here and on the James Dean Byrd Foundation website, www.jamesdeanbyrdfoundation.org Thank you!!

The end.